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Nallawilli recognises, respects and acknowledges our First Nations Peoples and all Traditional Ancestral Bloodline Original Owners and their Descendants throughout Australia. We pay our deepest respects to Elders past, present and those of the future, for they have held and still hold their Spiritual Traditional Belonging, Lore, Languages, Ceremonies, Memories and Hopes while maintaining continuity with their Country.

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Nallawilli's Triple Bottom Line Approach

Nallawilli is an evolving and proudly First Nation business that aligns its commercial interests with a responsibility to Community and Mother Earth.

We are a young and dynamic group of companies that is professionally managed and focused on a range of professional services and products to help us grow and achieve our objectives.

We measure our success equally on sustainable economic performance, minimal environmental impact and benefits to community. Each element is a key attribute of our value proposition. 

What does 'Nallawilli' mean?

The word Nallawilli comes from the Darug Nation and is one of the 758 nations that make up the First Nations of Australia.

 Nallawilli translates as “to sit down and listen to one another”


Roderick’s younger sister, Pauline McLeod was a well-known storyteller and was given permission from the Darug Elders to use the word Nallawilli. Pauline loved the meaning and believed passionately in the reconciliation which included the shared values and cultural heritage that Nallawilli stands for.


The Nallawilli logo represents people from all walks of life coming together to share their stories around a fire – which has been part of the culture of First Nation people for many thousands of years.


This sentiment reflects the philosophy of the Nallawilli Group which is to ensure that we share our knowledge and experiences of the past to collaborate for the future.​


Roderick has founded the Nallawilli Group to develop a range of business interests to promote the ethical and community-based standards reflected in this cultural heritage.